KNEC Fundamental of Human Resource Management Notes


Fundamentals of Human Resource Management notes KNEC Diploma
Topic 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
Topic 2: Human Resource Policy
Topic 3: Human Resource Records
Topic 4: Human Resource Planning
Topic 5: Job Analysis
Topic 6: Recruitment
Topic 7: Employee Selection
Topic 8: Placement and Induction
Topic 9: Employee Performance Appraisal
Topic 10: Employee Compensation
Topic 11: Employee Training
Topic 12: Employee Mobility and Separation
Topic 13: Emerging Issues and Trends
At the end of the module unit, the trainee should be able to:
Interpret human resource policies in an organization
Participate in the human resource planning process in an organization
Participate in the recruitment of human resource in an organization
Organize for the training and development of staff in an organization
Assist in staff performance appraisal process in an organization
Maintain human resource records
Cope with the emerging issues and trends in human resource management

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