KNEC Financial Accounting  Module I  Notes 


KNEC Financial Accounting  Module I  Notes

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Suitable for: Certificate, Diploma, University and Professional Courses

Topics Covered:

Topic 1: Introduction to accounting:
Topic 2: The ledger and the trial balance
Topic 3: Types of errors and their correction
Topic 4: Source documents
Topic 5: Books of original entry
Topic 6: The cashbook
Topic 7: Petty cashbook
Topic 8: Bank reconciliation statements
Topic 9: Control accounts
Topic 10: Accounting concepts, conventions and bases
Topic 11: Capital and revenue expenditure
Topic 12: Adjustments to final accounts
Topic 13: Accounting for fixed assets
Topic 14: Final Accounts for sole-proprietorship
Topic 15: Non-Profit Making Organizations
Topic 16: Emerging Trends and Issues in Financial Accounting

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KNEC Financial Accounting  Module I  Notes 
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